Know Occupiers

Real estate is one of your largest overheads. It is routinely under the financial spotlight. Our job is to help you optimise value and productivity across your operational real estate portfolio.

By reducing costs, driving efficiency and mitigating risk we ensure your property supports your core business operations.

We do this by:

  • Thoroughly understanding your client’s business requirements and objectives
  • Working in partnership with in house real estate teams and alongside multiple stakeholders so business strategy is aligned
  • Continuously innovating and offering the latest technology to capitalise on commercial opportunities
  • Operating multi-disciplinary teams that combine experience and knowledge with technical skills and market intelligence
  • Delivering cohesive and coordinated business advice through a single point of contact who oversees multiple work-streams and sector instructions

“We often hear about working as a team with our outsourced partners but it really has happened here...”    David Holt, Portfolio Strategist, BBC Workplace

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Our experts act across the entire property and development lifecycle. Take a look at how we can help you achieve your business and property objectives.

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