Environmental, Social & Governance Our Policy

ESG creates real opportunities for property owners, developers, occupiers and investors to achieve a positive impact on the environment and society.

Our values are integral to everything we do. We deliver for our clients, shareholders, and stakeholders by acting responsibly in all areas of our work and seek to deliver positive impact across:

1. Our Business
2. Our People
3. Our Environment
4. Our Community 


We recognise that there has been a significant change in the ESG agenda, and that we are well positioned to positively impact the performance of the property sector. It is no longer enough for the corporate sector to focus solely on profitability and growth.  Our stakeholders – including shareholders, clients, and staff – now expect us, as an organisation, to deliver these outcomes in the best possible way: making positive Environmental change; delivering Social value; and  through good Governance.

Purpose and Scope 

This ESG policy sets out how we take ESG issues into account across our organisation and in all of our interactions with the world around us – the way we manage our operations, deliver client services, treat our people, engage with the communities in which we work, and the expectations we set for our suppliers. 

It sets out our goals, commitments and ambition, and recognises our desire to lead in everything we do.  On ESG this means setting stretching targets for ourselves which go well beyond mere statutory compliance and developing the measurement tools, resources, and corporate culture required to achieve them. 

ESG Goals 

We have made some positive impact on ESG issues.  We can point to specific examples of best practice, and even examples of our projects leading the industry and winning awards.  However, we want, and need, to make these type of examples common place across our operations. As such we are now focussed on delivering innovation and best practice on ESG across our business, people, environment and community in a systematic, measured way. 

We aim for our ambitious culture, positive leadership and strong governance structures to enable our organisation to: 

1. Deliver best in class, innovative solutions to ESG issues for our clients and through our own operations
2. Be the best place to work, enabling ambitious people who share our values to make a difference for our clients and within the organisation
3. Become climate and environmentally positive
4. Contribute significant social value


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Federico Montella

Executive Director - Head of ESG & Sustainability

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