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As a people business, we recognise that much of our value lies in your unique experiences, backgrounds and viewpoints and how we can bring these to the table when we are providing our clients with the insight, advice and service excellence that they need from us.

That’s why we continue to be committed to supporting an open working environment where we all feel welcomed, valued and empowered to achieve our full potential; where our diversity is our strength and where there are no barriers to success and achievement.

Our LSHTogether programme is how we will drive this going forward; encouraging and supporting a culture that celebrates our diversity and promotes inclusion. 

We look forward to sharing ways that you can get involved and help shape our future.

Supporting change

EDI Working Group

Working Group Members

Name Office Service Line Email Address  Network
Donna Smith Chelmsford HR 
Chair / Mental Health / Wellness
Adam Ramshaw

Birmingham (EXEC SPONSOR)

Head of Consult

Gender Balance
Chris McCartney


HR Director

Carla Watson


CPM Accounts

Gender Balance
Charles McLean London Land Social Mobility
Emmanuel Alade London Telesales  Multicultural
Federico Montella London ESG LGBTQ+
Kathy O'Reilly London Valuations LGBTQ+
Kirsty Wilkojc London HR WorkAbility
Lara Davies



Rebekah Formosa


Consult - Regeneration

Gender Balance
Our Networks

We are aware that more needs to be done within the real estate sector, and indeed, our company, to address gender imbalance. We know that this is not only a matter of doing the right thing but a necessity in order to improve the service we offer our clients and increase our levels of innovation by unlocking the diverse talents of all our people.

Our LGBTQ+ working group is committed to promoting inclusivity, equality, and support for all LGBTQ+ individuals within Lambert Smith Hampton and the wider property industry. We want to continue creating a culture where everyone feels comfortable and safe to thrive. Our focus is to work with external partners and key stakeholders to raise awareness of the challenges that LGBTQ+ individuals face whilst providing the support needed to allow individuals to thrive.

The focus of our multicultural and interfaith networks is to broaden awareness of these aspects of life, recognising that by embracing them, and understanding the value that each of them bring to our combined expertise and insights, we will be better able to unlock opportunities, potential, and success for our people and clients.

We are taking steps to remove the socioeconomic barriers to employment by adopting a supportive and inclusive recruitment methodology that ensures an equal opportunities approach that resonates through our business and into our sector.

Our mission is to raise awareness of the challenges that colleagues with disabilities across Lambert Smith Hampton face, to identify barriers, recommend solutions and drive forward policy to better create a level playing field on which everyone can reach their full potential.

To join one of our Networks, email or contact the chair/s directly

EDI Policy

We are a people business, and our success is driven by the effective mobilisation and support of talented people across our organisation. We recognise that our people are a diverse group with a range of valuable backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints. We embrace and endeavour to support this diversity in all aspects of our employment practise, ensuring that it is a strength and distinguisher, and not a barrier, to success and achievement, both for our colleagues and our business.

Read the full policy here

Strategic framework

Our approach to support change;


Our People

Create a safe space to kick start conversations, inspire change and embed networking groups, to help create a working environment where everyone can realise their full potential.


Our Business

Systematically review existing corporate processes and policies, and implement agreed best practice to attract, develop and retain talent. 


Our Community

Seek network partners, adopt charters and attain accreditations that will support in building strong brand recognition, and enhance our ability to interact with diverse customers, suppliers, partners and communities. 


Our Environment 

Encourage collection of EDI data to establish benchmark, support reporting and inform our ongoing strategy for change. 

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