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Our mission is to foster collective leadership in the built environment to help solve the social and environmental challenges of our time through our actions, services, and supply chain.

Our environmental management service will help you understand and comply with your environmental duties, as well as providing you with the information you need to make your portfolio more sustainable.

We provide a range of services that respond to the increasing flow of environmental legislation.

Understanding your current environmental performance

We will obtain Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for every property we manage – helping us to understand the current environmental performance of the property and identify opportunities for improvement.

Measuring consumption and CRC reporting

We monitor energy and water consumption in every property, pinpointing where savings can be made year-on-year. We also co-ordinate reporting into the Environment Agency to comply with Carbon Reduction Commitment legislation. 

Supporting ISO9001 / ISO14001 accreditation

By monitoring energy and water consumption we can implement management regimes to reduce utility use on a year by year basis and help our clients achieve ISO9001 or ISO14001 environmental accreditations on property we manage.

Responding to the Energy Act 2011

Under the Energy Act 2011, from April 2018 it will be unlawful to let premises that do not meet energy efficiency standards. We work with our clients to help you understand which of their properties would fail to meet standards and what improvements would be required. That then enables you to make informed decisions about occupier management, refurbishment and asset management strategies.

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Asset Certification

Environmental certifications are a way of benchmarking, monitoring and improving environmental practice across building. They also demonstrate best practice in design and construction within various assets.

We are qualified Ska and Fitwel assessors and can submit applications for these certifications as well as being able to provide tailored design consultancy advice to carry out improvement projects in line with their guidance.

Additionally, to this, we can provide advice, submission help and design consultancy for a range of additional certification standards. 

Click here for more information about Fitwel.

ESG - Audit Reports
We produce asset specific ESG audit reports which provide an overview of the current position of an asset in relation to the ESG framework including energy efficiency measures, waste and material use, transport, health and wellbeing, biodiversity, social value and governance. We then produce targets and make future recommendations on areas of improvement for the asset. The report also considers the current performance of the utility consumption of the building and this data is benchmarked against the industry benchmark REEB to help form an energy strategy for the asset.
ESG - Quarterly Reports

We work across mixed use portfolios, incorporating sustainability initiatives across assets and producing ongoing ESG quarterly reports.

The scope of this service is tailored to specific client requirements and includes, but is not limited to, the below: 

  • Energy efficiency measures waste and material use, transport, health and wellbeing, biodiversity, social value and governance 
  • EPC review and MEES strategy implementation 
  • GRESB submission assistance, including tenant utility data collection 
Sustainability Project Services

We offer several specific project services that focus on the strategy implementation of projects through to completion. 

The services included are detailed below.

Renewable Installations

As a second stage process to our EV/PV/Carport strategy service, we will help with the implementation of the project through to completion liaising with the different stakeholders. This will involve the following:

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Liaising with third parties including the grid supplier to ensure sufficient supply capacity
  • Regular updates to be provided to the client and a recommendation of an appropriate pricing strategy for the chargers
  • Confirmation of how the charging and payment will work
  • Assistance with the drafting of any legal documents
  • Overseeing the process through to completion

Find out more about our Electric Vehicle Charging services.


We incorporate smart technologies within our buildings to optimise user experience and building efficiency. We are able review the data produced and monitor it on a regular basis, according to client requirements.

Sustainability Strategy Services

We produce strategy and advisory pieces across specific services and projects at an asset or portfolio level, according to client requirements.

EPC Strategy 

We can undertake an analysis of EPCs and are able to produce an EPC Review report on a desktop basis, highlighting and mitigating the risk of non-compliance with the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES). Our report sets out the current activity to date, the recommendations and future strategy options considering specific lease events. 

Renewable Feasibility Strategy  

We will obtain, review and recommend different options for EV, PV or carport projects to clients for potential renewable energy installations. Our feasibility strategy will depend on the third-party provider. 


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