Development land is a precious commodity, particularly in town and city centres, so knowing where to look for potential buyers and sellers and how to optimise value is key.

  • Site SourcingKnowing where to look and who to contact to find the perfect site can be challenging. Through our extensive network of regional contacts we can help you identify the location of every suitable on and off-market opportunity. Our integrated service offering means that we’re also able to analyse sites likely to come forward through Planning, as well as keeping an ear to the ground for any potential distressed or redevelopment opportunities.
  • Market ResearchBy combining our local market knowledge with our proprietary database that provides us with a detailed geographic analysis of pricing trends, current housing supply and historic demand, we can advise on which sites present the most attractive marketing and resale potential based on price point and product mix.
  • Viability & Feasibility StudiesWe undertake detailed market research to produce independent feasibility studies and viability assessments to provide a clear view of the financial viability of a proposed development and to provide solid advice on a robust delivery strategy.
  • Land Valuation Valuation plays a vital role in ensuring a fair and transparent negotiation process. Leveraging our comprehensive database of transactional evidence, we provide an independent opinion on the market value of the land in question, thereby eliminating any financial risk for both the purchaser and seller.
  • Financial ModellingOur financial modelling capability allows developers and lenders alike to test out the financial viability of a residential development project by balancing the projected the construction costs against the likely return on investment once the construction phase is completed. This ensures that our clients can be assured of the project’s quality, deliverability and value for money before a spade is even put in the ground.
  • Acquisition & DisposalOur vast network of contacts combined with our wealth of agency experience and access to historic transaction data means that we are able to engage with potential buyers and sellers and deploy targeted acquisition or disposal strategies geared towards strengthening our client’s overall negotiating position.