Research - 26/09/2023

LSH & Revo survey results published

From recession to renaissance? Annual survey looks into the future of our towns, high streets and shopping centres

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We have partnered with retail property and place makers, Revo, once again to gather the views of key stakeholders and decision makers from across the public and private sectors with a vested interest and investment in the future planning, management and regeneration of the UK’s towns, high streets, and shopping centres. This time our fourth annual research survey posed the question: 

From recession to renaissance: what is the future for our towns, high streets and shopping centres?

The survey of over 250 industry professionals provided newfound optimism surrounding the UK’s regeneration agenda. There appears to be a firm commitment to the cause from both the public and private sectors, with over half (55.5%) of all respondents confirming intentions to plan, fund or develop town centres within the next five years.

This represents a significant increase in positive investment intentions and is the highest level since the survey’s launch in 2019, reversing a downtrend trend that has been observed in every previous year.

Dr Steve Norris, Executive Director & National Head of Planning, Regeneration + Infrastructure, commented:

“I still honestly think that we are now entering into one of the most exciting and creative periods in the long and turbulent history of our town centres. Successful future centres will be those that help to promote health and well-being, tackle deprivation and the climate crisis, and provide attractive, viable and entertaining places where people of all ages want to live, work, shop, study, play and socialise. 

Above all, they should be vibrant, fun, and safe places... restored once again as the “beating hearts and souls of our communities.”

Click here to download a copy of the report. 

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