Research - 19/08/2021

ITNI Q2 2021

Investment Transactions Northern Ireland Bulletin Q2 2021.

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The Investment Transactions Northern Ireland (ITNI) bulletin for Q2 2021 reports a volume of £38.9m, a significant fall of 71% from Q1.

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The number is -34% than versus the five year average. Total investment, year to date, now stands at £172.6m - 88% above the five year average.

The decline is due in part to a supply and demand issue regarding good quality assets.

The figures were helped by an above-average interest in retail and office space. Office space alone accounted for the largest share of Q2 volume, standing 72% above the five-year quarterly average.

Northern Ireland private investors played a crucial role, making up almost two thirds of the Q2 volume.

Although a quieter quarter overall than anticipated, 2021 figures are still expected to surpass 2020 overall.

Read the full report here.

ITNI Q2 2021 Infographic

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