Research - 10/12/2013

UK Vitality Index - which towns and cities will outperform?

The UK economy finally looks poised for a period of sustained growth. But which areas outside London are set to outperform – the hubs of commerce and industry that will drive the regional economic recovery?

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During the years leading up to the recession, economic growth was more evenly distributed around the UK. While London remained the biggest and most important economic centre, all parts of the UK saw a significant expansion in economic activity.

To return to sustainable growth and to achieve the aim of rebalancing the economy, the UK needs strong and robust regional economies. The UK’s major towns and cities will be engines for this growth – the hubs of commerce and industry that should be the driving force behind the economic recovery.
Driving the regional economic recovery

The UK Vitality Index is a ‘health check’ on every large town and city outside London. We have identified those towns and cities that have healthy and robust local economies; are best placed to support growth; and will provide opportunities for businesses to expand.


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