Carr Lane Consultation

We welcome you to this pre-application public consultation website held by Partner Construction Ltd and Torus 62 Ltd. The website provides an overview of the proposed plans for residential development at Carr Lane, Prescot to provide approximately 88 high-quality affordable family homes. 

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Paul Shuker

Head of Planning Consultancy (North West)PR+I


Planning Application Consultation


On behalf of Partner Constuction Ltd and Torus 62 Ltd, a registered housing provider and a Homes England Strategic Partner, a planning application is expected to be submitted to Knowsley Council in the summer of 2023.

The design team is in the process of reviewing the site constraints which will help inform the final development proposals. We would also welcome feedback from the local community on the initial proposals for the Site.  As such, we are seeking your views on the proposed development prior to the submission of the planning application.

To support Partner Construction Ltd and Torus 62 Ltd, the key Project Team comprises Baldwin Design as the architects, East Midlands Landscaping as the landscape designers, CBO Transport as transport consultants and Lambert Smith Hampton as planning consultants. This key Project Team is supported by a larger team of consultants providing professional advice on a range of technical aspects such as ecology, trees, health and air quality.

Carr Lane
About Partner Construction

Partner Construction was formed in April 2011 as a result of a successful bid to purchase the Affordable Housing Business from a large National developer. 

Although trading has only recently commenced under the Partner brand, the business has acquired a large number of contracts relating to the developments its team had already delivered under its previous ownership. 

With a presence right across the UK, the business is reporting continued success in securing further development work with its Affordable Housing Partners. There is a serious responsibility that comes with building new communities, a responsibility that is ever-present when we locate and develop our partnership schemes. We work closely in partnership with local authorities, the HCA, Parish Councils and Housing Associations to deliver housing solutions that leave a lasting and valuable legacy for all stakeholders. 

Partner benefits from a vastly experienced team who have years of in-house expertise in terms of land assembly, design, community consultation, renewable energy/code for sustainable homes assessments, remediation and grant/funding packages to successfully deliver cost effective sustainable homes that lead to the establishment of well managed healthy and vibrant communities. 

We are committed to improving communities. We want our developments to be lasting assets, both to the people who live in them and to their neighbourhoods. That’s why it’s important to us that we establish partnerships with local organisations that share our dedication to deliver desirable, sustainable communities where people are proud to live.

Site Constraints

The Site was formerly used as a Wastewater Treatment Works (‘WWTW’) which was formerly operated by United Utilities. Given the Site’s previous use, the design team has been undertaking a detailed review of the Site’s constraints to ensure the development does not result in any unacceptable impacts. These considerations will be reported in detail in the upcoming planning submission and are also outlined below:

  • Ecology and trees;

    We have instructed Bowland Tree Consultancy and Bowland Ecology, who are specialists in biodiversity and arboriculture, to undertake baseline surveys of the Site with special consideration of biodiversity and trees. These surveys will help inform the landscaping strategy for the Site as well as consideration of measures which should be built into any future development.  
  • Flooding and drainage;

    A Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) is being prepared by Townsend Water Engineering in support of an upcoming planning application submission at the Site. The majority of the Site is located within Flood Zone 1 (Low Risk) and is at ‘low’ or ‘negligible’ risk of flooding. A drainage strategy will also be prepared by REFA, and as such the planning applications will include details of surface and foul water drainage as well as the incorporation of sustainable drainage systems within the Site.  
  • Highways;

    A Transport Assessment has been prepared by CBO Transport as part of this planning application to assess the development proposal with consideration to expected trip generation and traffic impact, accessibility by sustainable modes of travel, accessibility for refuse vehicles and car parking provision. The proposed development will focus on being sustainable and accessible, in line with Knowsley’s latest planning guidance. 

    The proposed access arrangements on site will be in compliance with the approved access consent (application ref. 22/00376/FUL), with the proposed development accessible via the previously approved access road stemming off Carr Lane. Furthermore, the access is proposed to be a priority junction site access with a central island on the access itself and on Prescot Park Way in order to prevent right turn movements. There will also be some minor alignment works to the Prescot Park Way kerb line to facilitate the development.
  • Ground conditions

    A Site Investigations report, currently being prepared by Groundtech Consulting, will support the planning application at the Site. It is understood that there are three potential mineshafts within the Site, and as such the development will require a careful and thorough design strategy to ensure that the proposed development responds positively to the Site’s existing ground conditions.
The Proposals

The Proposed Development

At this stage, the design team is very much working towards achieving a finalised design and as such we expect the proposed development to continuously evolve between now and the submission of the planning application.  We will take account of all comments received during the consultation process which will help inform the final design of the scheme.

The Vision

The aim of the scheme is to provide much-needed, high quality affordable housing for those seeking to live in Knowsley. 

The layout of the development is still subject to final tweaks; however it is expected that the proposals will bring forward approximately 88 truly affordable residential development on the allocated Site. It is anticipated that approximately 73% of the affordable dwellings will be shared-ownership tenure, whilst 27% are likely to be Rent-to-Buy properties. There will be a variety of high-quality 2-bed, 3-bed and 4-bed semi-detached, detached and mews style affordable homes on the Site, all of which are proposed to be designed in accordance with national space standards. All developments will only be two-storey in height (no three-storey developments).  

Click here to view the proposed layout. 

On this basis, the key features of the proposed development is anticipated to be as follows:

  • Provision of approximately 88 no. affordable homes;
  • A mixture of 2, 3 and 4-bed homes comprising semidetached, detached and mews style properties;
  • A mix of tenures, including Shared Ownership and Rent to Buy;
  • A proposed layout incorporating public open space, SUD, a new vehicular access point into the Site (as per the approved access consent) and informal paths to provide safe walking routes; and
  • Provision of a formal footpath to improve connections with adjacent residential Site and Carr Lane Woods.

Carr Lane Public Consultation Masterplan

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

The proposed development will contribute to building a strong, responsive and competitive economy. In particular, the proposals will bring a number of economic and fiscal benefits in terms of job creation and increased expenditure in the local economy. The development of the Site will sustain on-site construction jobs and support off-site jobs in construction related industries over the period of the build. This is expected to equate to an additional GVA of approximately £5.5million and approximately 95 new jobs per annum (source: NHF Local Economic Impact Calculator (LEIC)).

Further to this, the provision of 100% affordable housing will assist the Council in meeting its goals and vision of delivering affordable, high-quality properties to make it easier for residents to get on the property ladder and will assist in creating a high-quality built environment, facilitating the creation of a vibrant community in Knowsley.

The proposed development is also putting sustainability at the heart of the proposals through the introduction of electric vehicle charging spaces, the promotion of active travel as well through the design of modern and energy-efficient homes.

These key benefits are summarised below:
  • Provision of 100% affordable homes;
  • Provision of high-quality public open space;
  • Provision of high-quality sustainable homes;
  • Creation of new jobs relating to construction industry;
  • Additional GVA and revenue for local shops and services;
  • Additional Council Tax revenue for Knowsley Council; and
  • Promotion of active travel through promotion of sustainable methods of transport
Planning Application

A planning application for 88 affordable homes is expected to be submitted to Knowsley Council in August 2023. The planning application will build on from the planning consent granted in April 2023 for the formation of vehicular access into the Site from Prescot Parkway which also includes consent for a drainage swale and other works.

As part of our planning application, we intend to submit the following supporting reports which will be viewable on the Council’s website once submitted:

  • Proposed Planning Drawings
  • Site Location Plan
  • Statement of Community Involvement
  • Noise & Vibration Impact Assessment
  • Site Investigations
  • Air Quality Assessment
  • Transport Assessment
  • Drainage Statement
  • Flood Risk Assessment
  • Landscaping Strategy
  • Ecology Statement / Biodiversity Report
  • Arboricultural Assessment
  • Design & Access Statement
  • Viability Assessment
  • Health Impact Assessment
  • Energy and Sustainability Assessment
Have Your Say

Thank you for viewing our proposals for residential development of the former water treatment works at Carr Lane to provide approximately 88 new affordable homes on this previously developed site. The homes are proposed as per the allocation for a Sustainable Urban Extension under Knowsley Local Plan Policy SUE1 (Site Ref: KGBS 10) at Land off Carr Lane, Prescot.

The consultation period is still active and you can leave your comments here.

The deadline to leave your comments is Tuesday 17th October.

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