Diversity & inclusion

Better, together

We believe a diverse and inclusive culture is one where everyone succeeds. That’s why we’re commitment to creating an environment where we all feel welcomed, valued and empowered to achieve our full potential. 

Our value as a business lies in the unique experiences, backgrounds and viewpoints of our people. It’s simple really. We believe that the more we know and understand about each other, the more respectful and inclusive we can become.  

LSH Together is our journey to becoming a more diverse and inclusive LSH. And it’s a journey that we are going to make together



Learning Resources

External Partners

Changing the face of property
We are proud to be a member of Changing the Face of Property, launched in 2012, by a number of major property firms.  CTFOP aims to increase diversity and inclusions across all levels of our business and raises awareness of careers in the property industry through the programme Property Needs You.
Open Plan Diversity Charter
LSH is proud signatories of the Property Week Open Plan Diversity Charter, and LSH Together forms a large part of our commitment to this charter.
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