Corporate Citizenship

Our objectives

As one of the UK’s largest commercial property consultancies, we recognise our responsibility to engage positively with, and protect, our people, communities and environment. Our Corporate Citizenship programme sets out how we work to fulfil these responsibilities.

What we're doing

1. Our people

Personal Development

Recognising the importance of personal and professional development of colleagues and providing the necessary learning and development interventions. 

Flexible Working

Allowing and encouraging employees to work in a variety of sustainable ways.

Reward & Benefits

Introducing sustainable benefits wherever possible and continuing to review and remove any that no longer align with our objectives, while actively promoting sustainable choices.

Leadership & Culture 

We want to make our working environment as positive as possible, with the right culture to allow all colleagues to contribute and enjoy working here. We provide leadership training for leaders at all levels within our business, and structured programmes for high potential leaders.


We support our colleagues in volunteering for local or national charities and provide the option for one day’s paid leave to undertake voluntary work.

Career Development

Early career and talent development programmes, annual PDR process combined with the promotions process all support career development. Sponsorship opportunities for professional qualifications is also available.

Diversity & Inclusion

LSH Together, our commitment to valuing equality, diversity and inclusion and developing the supporting attitudes and behaviours. 

2. Our environment

Sustainability Committee

LSH’s Sustainability Committee integrates sustainability into the core of our operations, guides response to wider ESG issues and determine how we can make a positive environmental impact on the real estate market. The Committee is comprised of the Head of Sustainability, representatives of the Operational Board, selected service line heads and support functions and has autonomous authority to guide and instruct the overall firm.

Cycle to Work

We want to actively encourage colleagues to use low carbon forms of transport as part of their commute and one way that we do this is by encouraging cycling to work. Cycling is not only low carbon; it also has considerable health and wellbeing benefits! 

Emission Reduction

LSH has committed to becoming a Net Zero Carbon company by 2030 and we are working with the Planet Mark in order to achieve this target. Our Net Zero Carbon target includes scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions- so it will include everything from the energy consumption of our offices, to procurements, employee commuting and the suppliers that we appoint.

Energy Saving

Energy demand reduction will be a significant part of our Net Zero Carbon pathway, as in order to achieve net zero, we first have to reduce how much energy we are using. We were already looking at this prior to working with Planet Mark, however this will now be given greater prioritisation in how we select, operate, fit out and use our offices. 

Waste Management

LSH is looking at ways to reduce the amount of waste produced at our offices. As part of this we are also looking at ways to increase recycling and composting by providing additional waste separation facilities. 

Supply Chain

We want to proactively support the transition to a low carbon economy, and one of the ways we can do that is by engaging with our supply chain to promote sustainability. 

Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles

At LSH, we’re constantly striving to promote sustainable activities and driving down the carbon footprint of our business through the introduction of an ultra-low emission ‘green’ car scheme is one of our key priorities for 2021.

3. Our communities

Schools Partnerships

Partner with state schools across the UK to deliver career talks, promote the industry and pathways into it.


Roll up your sleeves and get stuck into local community and/or environmental project. 

Charity Fundraising 

Raise money for some excellent local or national causes. 

Young Adult Careers

Attend college and university career fairs and events supported by our graduates and apprentices who can share their experiences.  

Corporate Sponsorship

Look at ways that LSH as a business can help support charities and good causes by charitable donations.

Pro-Bono Work

Offer our knowledge and expertise, free of charge, to appropriate charities and organisations.  

4. Our behaviours

Governance Colleague Voice

LSH’s senior management, through the Operational Board, it will provide governance for conduct of business by LSH. These will be supported by the compliance team, the service line heads and senior managers to ensure that business is conducted “The LSH Way”.

Statutory Compliance

As with all UK businesses, LSH is bound by a myriad of regulations handed down by UK Government. LSH has a zero tolerance of breach of any such regulations ensuring the highest standards of conduct. Senior Management working through its internal partners, and supported by internal and external audit, will enforce statutory compliance. 

Regulatory Compliance

LSH is an RICS Regulated Firm operating within a regulatory framework.  Many of its staff also belong to other professional bodies with their own regulations governing conduct of their members. Senior management through the Regulatory and Standards Committee, its internal partners, and supported by internal and external audit, will enforce regulatory compliance. Working with RICS LSH will ensure the highest levels of professional conduct throughout the organisation. 

Fair Procurement

Senior management working through its supplier manager and supplier IT platform will ensure the highest levels of procurement. All suppliers will be vetted, approved and required to comply with LSH Supplier Code of Conduct as a condition of working for, or with, LSH.

Ethical Conduct 

Ethical conduct is at the heart of LSH business. Senior management working through its HR team, compliance team, service line heads and senior managers will ensure the highest standards of ethical conduct throughout the company. Existing Policies and Procedures will be regularly reviewed and amended to include modern methods of flexible working.


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