Public sector disposal and revenue saving programmes

Our team is expert in managing disposal programmes on behalf of the public sector, underpinning efficiency and cost saving initiatives by reducing the scale of the portfolio and associated operating costs and generating capital receipts for recycling into service provision. We manage programmes for authorities including the London Boroughs of Wandsworth, Lambeth and Camden, and County Councils in Essex and Hertfordshire.

Achieving certainty of sale and maximising capital receipts

Maximising capital receipts from any disposal programme is a commercial and statutory requirement.  We focus on the following areas to ensure certainty of sale and maximise capital receipts:

  • Planning the phasing of disposals programme to avoid depressing returns through over-supply
  • Identifying purchaser requirements and carrying out extensive due diligence to avoid pitfalls and opportunities for renegotiation later in the sales process
  • Releasing the potential for alternative use - achieving town planning certainty through planning frameworks or planning permissions
  • Identifying any accommodation requirements that can be reprovided as part of the consideration
    Negotiation of effective overage solutions to allow participation in value growth

Ensuring effective communication and embracing the localism agenda

The fundamental strategic move from top down local government to community informed decision making and service delivery will mean embracing the wider requirements of the community. We engage with community groups in formulating Asset Management Plans, specific schemes and delivery to ensure that valuable input in the design and delivery of property plans is taken into account. Early stakeholder engagement is increasingly important in achieving planning certainty.

Of course the core area of communication is with the market to ensure a competitive sales process. Each disposal programme is an opportunity for you to re-enforce your brand and corporate objectives, for example by encouraging investment in a specific geographical area. In particular, we use digital marketing as a high profile, effective means of communicating sales information. Explore the site we have created for the London Borough of Wandsworth

We also ensure that all internal stakeholders are aware of the disposal proposals and incorporate service requirement and respect programme issues as a core part of any communications programme.

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