Adding value to your portfolio

In a relatively flat commercial property market, adding value to your portfolio requires an active and innovative approach. Across our business, we can deliver results:

Maximising your recoveries

If an outgoing tenant is in breach of the obligations set out in the lease – to repair, redecorate or reinstate the property – then our dilapidations service will help you maximise your recoveries. Find out more about our dilapidations service

Assessing options for development

Our planning and development team will assess your options for development and advise you on how to achieve the best balance between investment, time and returns. Find out more about our development consultancy service

Reducing your empty rates bill

Our mitigation service helps investors to reduce the impact of empty rates on their bottom line. If you are carrying out building improvement or refurbishment works, you may achieve exemptions or reductions in empty rates liability. Find out more about our empty rates service

Ensuring pre-acquisition risk is managed

Our expert chartered building surveyors specialise in real estate due diligence to ensure that your property’s use and investment value is maintained. They understand the construction of buildings, the pathology of building defects and any potential health and safety, environmental and legal liabilities. Find out more about our real estate due diligence service

Managing refurbishment works

Our construction cost consultancy service cover new build, Cat A and Cat B refurbishment and fit outs together with repair and maintenance projects, from major residential, office and industrial projects. Find out more about our cost consultancy service

Maximising additional sources of income

Our telecoms consultancy team can help you maximise the value of your property portfolio with advice on roof-top installations to new masts, single and multi-site agreements. Find out more about our telecoms service for investors.

Responding to the Energy Act 2011

Under the Energy Act 2011, from April 2018 it will be unlawful to let premises that do not meet energy efficiency standards. We will help you understand which of your properties would fail to meet standards and what improvements are required, enabling you to make informed decisions about occupier management, refurbishment and asset management strategies. Find out more about our Energy Act consultancy

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