Corporate workplace strategy

Our corporate real estate team will work with you to develop a workplace strategy that enables your business to get the most from your office space – and the best performance from your people.

A well designed workplace should support your business objectives, be a place for your people to work effectively, creatively and productively and reflect your values and brand. What’s more, in today’s business environment, where mobility and agility is essential, new working practices need to be supported by a flexible workplace.

Our workplace strategy service is designed to help you ensure your offices meet these goals today and give you the flexibility for the future. We focus on maximising productivity through the most efficient use of staff resources and flexible work practices. This can deliver significant cost savings and generates:

  • Improved agility in adapting your workplace to new business opportunities and challenges
  • Greater efficiency from assets in terms of overall utilisation and occupational density
  • Improved staff retention and employee satisfaction
  • A reduced carbon footprint

Getting it right from the start

To develop a workplace strategy, we first ensure we understand your business needs (functional, geographic and operational) and spatial challenges. We engage with different business units and stakeholders – including your IT and HR functions, facilities management and estates teams – to ensure that your workplace strategy will reflect their needs, as well as the overall business direction.

Discovery phase – space utilisation and people

In developing a workplace strategy, we typically use key measures of performance and efficiency:

  • Workstation density
  • Desk sharing vs allocated ratios
  • Utilisation

The optimum levels will be different for each organisation, and for different teams and roles within the business. However, together they help form the basis for decisions about how much space you need and how effectively your current estate meets your requirements.

We also review the wider work environment; transport and travel, job roles, flexible working, catering and facilities.

Options appraisal and financial analysis

Based on our analysis, we develop a range of options to reengineer your estate to meet the workplace needs. We cover every angle, including funding options, re-gearing leases to re-balance the portfolio, cost/benefits of vacating leased premises, taxation and VAT implications, cashflow and capital receipts. We also assess all areas of potential risk.

Translating the strategy into action

Once your strategy is agreed, we can then help you implement it. Here we often form integrated project teams with representatives from IT, HR, FM and ‘change champions’ from within the business. We offer a range of services from change management to interior design/architecture, occupancy/space planning and data management. Together, these ensure that you can simply set the process in motion and leave the rest to us.

Read about how we have successfully helped Siemens and Pegasystems review their workplaces.

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