Corporate real estate location and relocation advice

Finding the right location

Location planning is a key success factor for many corporate occupiers. Finding the right building in the right location, at the right cost with the right availability of skilled labour is critical.

Our corporate real estate team and location strategy experts will help you find the right location for your business. Our location and relocation advice is built upon our local market knowledge, deep experience and location based data, research models and GIS software.

Our approach

To choose the right location, your strategy needs to consider your current and future business strategy, organisation structure and function, workforce, workplace strategy, corporate culture and relevant financial issues.

We start the location search by examining location criteria such as accessibility, availability, cost of labour and premises, image, business services and availability of government grants.  Where a relocation involves the movement of existing staff we will also review housing supply and cost, schooling, shopping, culture, entertainment facilities and employment opportunities for families.

Using our research capability and market knowledge we are also able to assess market opportunities and threats, both current and in the foreseeable future.

The next step is the property search itself. We’ll evaluate your property options and provide a detailed cost analysis to make sure that you choose the right building.

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Minimising the risks of an office move

Business relocation offers many opportunities: reduced costs, improved occupational flexibility, improved operational performance and increased staff retention / morale. However, there are significant risks that need careful management.

These issues include:

  • Managing the fit-out and move programme to avoid cost over-runs and business disruption
  • Highlighting leasing liabilities or holding costs in the case of freehold property
  • Hidden costs associated with legacy lease issues such as a future dilapidations liability

Our transactional team will work with our building surveyors/project managers to ensure that these risks are minimised, saving you money and making sure that your relocation is delivered on time and to budget.

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