Corporate real estate portfolio strategy

Our corporate real estate team can help you develop and deliver an estates strategy that supports your wider business objectives and meets stakeholder expectations.

From ensuring you have accommodation in the right locations to meet business needs to developing an estate which is fit for purpose, we will work with you to determine the right long-term approach. What’s more, we can then help you implement the strategy, delivering significant cost savings and improving operating efficiency.

Further benefits of an effective estates strategy include:

  • Occupational flexibility
  • Reduced carbon footprint/meeting sustainability targets
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased staff retention and morale

Aligning your estates strategy with your business needs

To develop an estates/portfolio strategy, we first understand your business requirements (functional, geographical and operational) and associated challenges.

We then engage with your stakeholders to ensure that we understand your current and future requirements. For example, as an occupier key drivers could range from improving space usage, reducing carbon emissions to designing accommodation with occupational flexibility.

Assessing the portfolio

With these ‘property requirements in mind, we address ‘supply’ and review the portfolio against operational needs. Typically, we segregate the portfolio into core or medium term hold, flex space, and surplus. This provides the foundations for a strategy that meets the corporate need.

Options appraisal and financial analysis

The next stage is to develop options and carry out analysis and evaluation using scenario and financial modelling to give you the best outcome. We cover every angle, looking at taxation and business issues, VAT implications, cashflow, capital receipts and funding options in order to identify the optimal solution.

What your strategy will include

Based on this analytic approach, we will put together a comprehensive strategy that:

  • Identifies the “Quick Wins”
  • Recommends innovative disposal strategies
  • Sets out long term benefits and productivity benefits
  • Provides a detailed projection of costs and returns
    Our solution will also take into consideration sustainability, brand protection, reputational risk, health & safety and performance measurement of the portfolio.

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