Corporate estate management and outsourcing

Our estate management service enables you to focus on your core business activities and priorities in the knowledge that our resources enable you to deliver more value with less in-house resource.  With the continued economic uncertainty corporate occupiers are increasingly outsourcing estate management activities to reduce costs, harness external skills and resources, improve operational efficiency and minimise risk.

Taking care of your operational estate

We will deal with the day to day running of your operational estate, relieving you of the distractions and problems of dealing with landlords, tenants, rents and service charge payments.  We will proactively identify and manage lease events to favourably renegotiate rents and lease terms which provide operational flexibility and deliver financial incentives.

Providing portfolio visibility

We will harness the power and capabilities of our property management system and web portal to provide accurate, up-to-date property, financial and occupational data in a user friendly format.  Our technology solutions incorporate intuitive dashboards which will enable you to have 24/7 visibility of your portfolio data, bespoke querying and reporting along with caseload tracking.

Managing surplus properties

Let us take on the burden of managing your legacy and non operational portfolio.  We will ensure lease and Health & Safety compliance, collect rent, make payments, and re-charge costs to sub-tenants.  We will also proactively market the vacant surplus estate to deliver capital receipts or mitigate the liabilities of surplus leasehold property. All activities will be undertaken in the most tax efficient manner with the aim of reducing the liabilities on the balance sheet.

Providing a seamless transition including TUPE transfer

Our service proposition is rooted in the recognition that property outsourcing is a major change project involving HR, IT, legal and financial regulatory issues. Drawing on our extensive experience of mobilising large-scale outsourced contracts, we deliver a seamless transfer to the new operating model without impacting service delivery. Our established change management processes also mean that we can provide a risk-free transition even where your project involves TUPE staff transfer and complex data/reporting issues.

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