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Our valuations team can provide lenders with a comprehensive and independent report of the market and rental value of a property or entire portfolio offered as loan security.

We have an established, consistent methodology including peer review of all valuations, and – in our own national property database – the deepest pool of up-to-date market information to draw on. The result: more accurate and reliable valuations, delivered faster, to inform lending decisions.

Delivering Loan Security valuations through market knowledge and sector specialism

Whether valuing a single property or complex portfolio, our 90-strong team of RICS registered valuers can be deployed quickly across the UK and Ireland. Valuations are led by a senior member of our team – with at least five years’ experience, post qualification, conducting valuations – and follow an ISO9001 accredited process with rigorous quality assurance built in.

Our valuations are based on both our team’s market knowledge – we have specialists in a range of sectors and property types, as well as an in-depth understanding of local market conditions – and the core information held in our national property database, This holds the data generated from all the property transactions in which we have been involved, at any level: some 70% of office and commercial leases in the UK. As a result, we make minimal use of third party data, which may not be as quality controlled as our own.

This combination of expertise and unparalleled resources has earned us places on the valuation panels of almost all the major lenders in the UK, including Barclays, Lloyds, HSBC, RBS, Aviva, Legal & General, AXA and Santander.

Our Loan Security valuation reports

All valuation reports are prepared in accordance with RICS Valuation – Professional Standards (the ‘Red Book’) and address every pertinent aspect of a property’s value, including:

  • Macro and local economic conditions
  • Supply and demand for the particular type of property
  • Quality and condition of the property
  • Obsolescence – financial and functional
  • Quality of income / tenant
  • Breaks in income for investment properties
  • Potential for alternative uses
  • Deleterious materials and environmental issues
  • Planning
  • Potential future unrecoverable expenditure
  • Energy Performance considerations
  • Marketability and sustainability over the loan period
  • Current and future trends
  • The valuation methodology adopted
    Comparable transactions relied upon

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