Distressed asset valuation

We offer specialist strategic advice and practical solutions to lenders with distressed assets throughout the UK and Ireland.

Our experience in the corporate recovery and distressed asset field, linked with our unrivalled access to markets throughout the UK and Ireland, means that we can provide you with optimum solutions for realising your assets, based on the most up-to-date market intelligence available.

Advising on value and exit routes

Since the start of the current recessionary climate, the property market in the UK and Ireland has changed beyond recognition. A lack of debt funding and occupier uncertainty has resulted in volatility in values across all sectors. What’s more, with increasing borrower difficulties in loan servicing, many lenders find themselves potentially exposed to fast-changing market conditions.

If you’re facing the prospect of having to take control of the assets that secure your loans, it’s essential that you receive the best possible advice on value and exit solutions so you can make an accurate assessment of the asset status, as well as establish a realistic route to realisation.

It’s only by taking the right advice at an early stage that you will be able to optimise the realisation of the asset.

Achieving the optimum solution for each asset

We have the specialist skill sets required and can tailor our service to your situation.  With backgrounds in professional valuation advice and experience in transacting property investments throughout the UK and Ireland, our specialist team will explore all the issues and opportunities your asset may offer. We’ll then provide comprehensive advice so you can achieve the maximum realisation of your asset through a pre-agreed exit strategy.

If you need a more direct approach to realising your asset, our specialist team of Law of Property Act receivers is available to put your realisation strategy into practice.

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