Residential property management

Our residential property management service provides comprehensive residential block management across the UK, reducing your costs, mitigating risks and maximising the value of your assets.

Delivering savings through smart supplier management and selection

Across all the residential property we manage, our team has delivered 6% savings on cost base on a rolling 3-year average. We do this through smart supplier management and selection – without compromising on the quality of work. We provide a shortlist of approved suppliers for any work on your property, all of whom adhere to our rigorous quality standards, and we review prices and contracts annually to ensure we can keep costs as low as possible.

Mitigating risks with ISO standard processes

Our robust approach to risk mitigation is based on the highest standards of quality assurance (ISO9002) and environmental stewardship (ISO14001). We work with you to put in place a flexible long-term plan, taking into account market changes, legislation and compliance requirements over an 8-10 year period.

Maximising asset value

Drawing on our expertise in valuation, planning and building consultancy, as well as in-depth property market knowledge, we’ll help drive asset value over the long term.  We work closely with you to understand your requirements, and our advice and recommendations are geared towards improving the condition and value of your property assets.

Giving you the information you need

We are committed to full transparency for all our clients. To enable that, we provide you with round-the-clock access to all your property information via our secure web portal. There you’ll find:

  • Copies of leases
  • Details of online payments
  • Upcoming work to your site
  • Supplier and agent contact details
  • Annual budgets and breakdowns
  • Legislation updates

News, research and views

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