Development consultancy

Our experienced development consultancy team will assess your options for development – whether from a financial or policy perspective – and advise you on how to achieve the best balance between investment, time and returns.

Practical development consultancy advice

For every development site there are a range of development solutions. Our development consultancy team works with town planners to identify the development solution which best fits your property development objectives. Our recommended solution will be both viable and achievable within your time frame.

Extensive experience of supporting viable developments

We have worked with many private and public sector organisations to review their property assets to identify development opportunities.  We then prepare feasibility studies for the re-use, redevelopment or disposal of these property assets. 

Further development consultancy services

  • Options evaluation
  • Funding and financing strategies
  • Viability assessment
  • Planning evaluation
  • Developing a planning strategy

News, research and views

News and research

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