Lease restructuring

Whether you’re a landlord trying to protect your asset as an investment or an occupier looking to make substantial savings for your business, a lease re-gear or lease restructuring could be a golden opportunity in a difficult market.

Landlord or occupier, you can only gain from a conversation

If you’re an occupier tied into a lease that was agreed in a peak market, you’ll be frustrated. You’ll be aware that your competitors are benefiting from falling rents and high incentive packages while you could be paying 50% more than current market rents.

However, this is an opportunity for both parties. By offering more security to landlords via a lease re-gear or lease restructuring, we can also unlock savings for occupiers.

We can act for either or both parties and effectively broker a restructured lease agreement that leaves both parties with a gain.

A win-win opportunity

If you’re an occupier with multiple occupational properties, you may be able to make huge savings across the board. We can help you spot the opportunities to restructure your lease arrangements.  We will carry out the initial investigations so you don’t waste time that could be spent on your core business. As our fees are based on the savings we make for you, you can literally only gain.

Mutual gain is at the heart of any lease re-gear or restructuring, with neither party obliged to conclude a transaction, a sophisticated approach is needed. We understand the concerns and negotiation strategies of both parties and will use this insight to deliver the best possible result for you.

We also understand a complex investment market. Our Lease Advisory surveyors work closely with our Capital Markets team to ensure that our lease re-gears are based on sound market intelligence and an understanding of the investment market when representing investors. 

We know that the value of a lease re-gear isn’t driven by the market rent but by the capital value of the asset. We help create opportunities to increase asset value - for example by negotiating a longer lease term with your tenant in return for a drop in rent or incentive package.

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