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Our Lease Advisory team can help with lease restructuring, rent reviews and lease renewals, as well as providing lease consultancy advice. 

Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, lease events – lease renewals, rent reviews or lease breaks – are an opportunity to improve the terms of a lease.

It’s important that you use the best possible advice to make the most of the available opportunities and mitigate against risk – and to get that advice as early as possible.

We understand your needs, know the Ireland commercial property market and have access to unrivalled market data. Our in-depth local knowledge, coupled with our technical expertise, make us the right choice to deliver results for your business.

We understand the concerns and negotiation strategies of both parties when approaching a lease renewal, rent review or lease break. We’ll use this insight to deliver the best possible result for you, whether you’re a landlord or an occupier.

Local knowledge with national back up

The key to negotiating lease events is to be properly informed. We combine local knowledge with technical ability to give you an edge in lease negotiations.

  • We have sector experts across the UK in all the major commercial property asset classes - industrial and distribution, hotel and leisure, motor and roadside, offices, public sector, retail and transport
  • Each specialist knows their market in detail and can provide quick and accurate market data to help deliver the best outcome for your lease event
  • Our national property database gives us unprecedented access to commercial property market data from across the UK, helping us to negotiate the best deal for you
  • We sit with the agents in our markets who regularly transact more deals than any of our competitors, giving us the edge in lease negotiations
  • All our lease advisory surveyors specialise in their field
  • Professional and experienced representation is key to a good outcome at court or third party; we regularly act for both landlords and tenants as expert witness and have the technical skills to match our local knowledge

See how we’ve delivered better lease terms for our clients

Industrial and distribution

We understand all aspects of the industrial and logistics market. Acting for both landlords and tenants, we have experience in all areas from small multi-let estates to the largest distribution hubs.

We work closely with our agency colleagues who transact a huge amount of industrial property across the UK every year. This gives us access to unrivalled market data, meaning we can give our clients the edge when dealing with their lease transactions. See how our industrial and distribution team deliver solutions for their clients

Hotels & leisure

Our specialist team deal with many prominent names in the hotel and leisure industry across the UK.

In an increasingly specialised sector, up-to-date knowledge and experience is key.  We understand this market and can deal with any lease advisory matter, leaving you to concentrate on your core business. Read more about our hotel and leisure team’s national expertise

Motortrade and roadside

Our experts deal with all aspects of this sector, from petrol stations to car showrooms. 

We act for both landlords and tenants across the country, in both the private and public sector. Our clients include some of the most established names in the UK.


From central London to provincial towns, we have experts across the UK who deal with office property for both landlords and tenants in the public and private sectors.

We understand this sector and work closely with our office agents based in their local areas. This gives us access to unrivalled property data so we can give our clients the edge in their negotiations. Find out how our office specialists deliver solutions for their clients

Public sector

We have experience of acting for many public sector bodies. We speak your language and understand what is important to you.

We pride ourselves on delivering savings for your portfolio.  Whether you’re looking to negotiate a lease renewal or to rationalise your portfolio, we understand that you need to deliver. We have experience of the buying power that a public sector covenant has and will use it to your advantage.

We also understand the need for accountability and value and can demonstrate this in our dealings with you. See how our public sector team delivers results for their clients


Retail is a highly specialised area. We have experts in all areas of the sector – from high street to retail warehousing to co-located pharmacies.

Our retail experts understand their local markets. With access to our high-quality property data and by working closely with our national agency teams, they can negotiate the best possible deals for both landlords and tenants.

We deal with some of the biggest name in retail including Claire’s Accessories, McDonalds, Tui and Santander. Find out more about our retail expertise


Our road, rail and aviation specialists work closely together to deliver solutions to occupiers and landlords.

We recognise that our property solution needs to meet your operational, safety, regulatory and commercial requirements. We deliver savings and protect income with these things in mind. Read more about how our transport specialists deliver results for their clients

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Letting of Suburban Office Block
Lambert Smith Hampton was instructed by Royal London on the disposal of a vacant office building.Read more

As well as advising you on lease events, we can also provide a number of related services from across our business to support your decision-making.

Schedule of condition

Tenants can often take advantage of a difficult market by using a schedule of condition to mitigate their liabilities when taking or renewing a lease. Find out how we can help with building surveying and reporting


Our dilapidations service helps you to understand your potential liabilities as a lease comes to an end. We can then work with you to manage risk and minimise your liabilities, negotiating on your behalf. Find out how we can help with dilapidation claims

Space audits

Do you really know how much business space you need? By commissioning a space audit you can make sure that you have the right amount of space for your business needs. Find out how can help with your workplace strategy

Acquisition, disposal or letting of commercial property

If you’re thinking about relocating, our agency teams will help you assess your options on available property. Find out more about our agency services

Service charge audits

Are you paying the right amount of service charge? Service charge audits can often uncover substantial savings for occupiers. Find out more about our service charge cost consultancy service

Tips & guides

Here are some of the issues for both landlords and tenants to consider.

If you’d like us to work with you on your lease event, contact us.

Plan early

The negotiation process can take a long time and anyone you appoint will need to do some background work before starting negotiations.

Find out how we can help you with lease renewals

Understand the options

To negotiate effectively, both parties should know whether suitable alternative property is available to the tenant and on what terms.

Download our guide on whether to relocate or renew your lease (PDF).

Assess the repairing liability

If a lease is renewed, options include carrying forward a tenant’s repairing liability until the end of the new lease or undertaking interim repairs.

Find out how we can help you understand your dilapidations liability

Understand the market for your premises

It’s vital to understand the impact of any new terms on the property as investment – you need to know the current market rent and rental incentives for your type of property locally.

Find out about our National Property intelligence.

Review the terms of the lease

In the present market, tenants are often in a strong position to renegotiate lease terms they find unhelpful; landlords may be happy to agree in return for a longer lease.

Download our guide on how to re-gear your lease (PDF).

Find out how we can help you with lease re-gears.

Plan for lease breaks in advance

Landlords and tenants may be able to agree a rent-free period in return for removing the uncertainty of the break from the lease.

Download our guide on how to mitigate your occupational costs (PDF).

Find out how we can help you with lease re-gears.

Be aware of the timing of rent review notices or counter notices

Timing issues with rent review notices and counter notices can be a major trap. Notices may have to be served within a certain timescale or in a prescribed form to be valid.

Download our guide on how to negotiate your rent review (PDF).

Find out how we can help you with rent reviews.

Take rent reviews as a chance to talk

Rent reviews are an opportunity to start lease restructuring discussions.

Find out how we can help you with lease re-gears.

Check the conditions for exercising a break clause

Understanding the issues at a very early stage is vital in break situations. Some break clauses are subject to conditions and you’ll need to prepare in advance.

Find out how we can help you with lease surrenders.

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