From rating to warehouse portfolio management to finding dockside property, we offer a specialist property service for organisations operating within statutory port areas.

Rating and valuation of port premises

In particular, we are the premier provider of advice on docks for rating, valuation and lease advisory purposes. We represent clients with Rateable Values in excess of £10m within the Dock areas (following the Valuation Officer’s review of rates at the 2005 Rating Revaluation) and have negotiated rating assessments for many landlords and port tenants.

Finding and letting port property

We have an in-depth understanding of the requirements of different industries for warehousing space in port areas, from boatbuilders to specialist manufacturers to logistics companies. That means we can find the ideal tenant for industrial units, or help you secure the dockland property you need.

Managing construction projects in ports

Our Building Consultancy team can lead and manage redevelopment projects in dock areas – from improving customer facilities to transforming warehouses and access.

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