Ageing populations, together with rapid advances in technology and available treatments, have led to healthcare becoming one of the fastest growing areas of our economy. With this being such a growing market, healthcare real estate provides a variety of opportunities to invest in and profit from.

Dedicated advice for over 20 years

We have a dedicated team of experienced healthcare real estate professionals and have been offering comprehensive consultancy services to operators, investors, developers, local authorities, NHS Trusts, voluntary organisations and lenders for over 20 years.

Experience across the spectrum

Our experience comes from across the full spectrum of healthcare market subsectors, including:

  • Care homes and day centres
  • Extra care and care villages
  • Independent hospitals
  • Private and NHS clinics and treatments centres
  • GP surgeries and medical centres
  • Special educational needs schools
  • Children’s homes
  • Mental health facilities
  • Supported living

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